Professional TenerifeĀ Wedding Toastmaster- Master of Ceremonies

Add a special touch to your wedding in Tenerife!

Resplendent in his red tailed uniform, a wedding toastmaster will make your day run smoothly, giving you, your family and friends time to relax and enjoy your very special occasion.
The toastmaster opens the proceedings and keeps them flowing smoothly. In the absence of a toastmaster your Best Man usually undertakes the tasks.

The Toastmaster's role includes:

  • Arranging the receiving line.
  • Introducing guests by name to the hosts.
  • Asking guests to take their seats, after the receiving line has welcomed everyone.
  • Announcing the arrival of the Bride and Groom, and escorting them to their places.
  • Introducing prayers before eating. If no clergyman is present, and no senior member of the families wants to, then the toastmaster often leads grace.
  • Announcing the cutting of the cake
  • Inviting your guests forward to take photographs.
  • Introducing the speakers, who will be proposing the traditional toasts, i.e.
    • To the Bride & Groom - normally by the Father of the Bride, or an old friend of the family.
    • To the health of the Bridesmaids - normally by the Groom.
    • To the health of the parents, of the Bride and Groom - normally by the Best Man.

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