Can I get married in Tenerife? - Weddings in Tenerife Legalities

Catholic Ceremonies celebrated in Tenerife are registered with the Civil Court and are legally recognised in Spain. An International marriage certificate is issued by the local authorities. All documentation for your marriage needs to be sent from your priest in your home country to the Bishop in Tenerife, not by yourselves.
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How to get married in Tenerife Paperwork Required:

  • Civil letter of Freedom : "Fe de Solteria y Vida".
  • Pre-Nuptial enquiry form
  • Birth Certificates (original Long)
  • Original marriage and death certificate (if widowed)
  • 2 photocopies of passports (one for the Wedding planner)
  • 2 photocopies of each Birth Certificate (one of each for the Wedding planner)

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Anglican Ceremonies
The ceremonies held are not legally binding. To avoid lengthy paperwork in Tenerife you are recommended to hold a Civil Wedding service in your home country before your beautiful wedding blessing in front of all your family and friends in Tenerife.
This is the only official document the celebrant would need to see prior to the ceremony. Although you would of course already be legally married, a wedding blessing can be very emotional and beautiful, it looks and feels exactly the same as a traditional wedding ceremony, and your guests do not need to know any different.
All ceremonies include the signing of a register (non- legally binding) and the bride and groom will receive a certificate stating the date and place of their wedding in Tenerife.

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Alternatively, if you prefer a Legal Ceremony it is possible, the paperwork can be quite lengthy to process, please allow at least six months.
You would need to visit the island of Tenerife at least twice for this to take place. An initial visit would be a good opportunity to view your wedding venue, the process of the paperwork could commence whilst you are on the island of Tenerife.
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